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Midweek Teaching - Wednesdays @7:30 pm Eastern
Featuring - The Voice of the Prophets
Discovering the minor prophets of the Bible
Available online at YouTube, Gab-TV and on this site

Online Shabbat Service - Saturdays @ 1:00 pm Eastern
Available via zoom meeting for invited guests. Available for on demand public viewing on Sundays by 8:00 pm Eastern. These study sessions are a discussion of the prior midweek teaching found below.

Local Shabbat Service - Saturdays @ 5:00 pm Eastern
Available for invited guests. located in Boiling Springs South Carolina. These session are not recorded or available publicly. However the video teaching and transcript with study questions used for this service are available below. For more information about this service/study, contact us at the email address below.

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Midweek Teaching

Our teaching series for Biblical year 5782 (2021/22)

The Voice of the Prophets
Midweek teachings premier on YouTube every Thursday at 7:30 pm Eastern. Watch it here. Download the discussion questions for this teaching by clicking on this logo.
Listen and/or download the audio version of this midweek teaching here!
Click on the printer icon below for a complete printable transcript of our latest midweek teaching. (Includes discussion questions)
Torah Portion Teachings

We host a weekly Shabbat Evening Bible study in our home in South Carolina. We are currently studying the Torah Portions using the teaching materials previously produced in 2017/2018. Each weekly teaching will be available here along with the a complete transcript and study question we use in our in-home sessions. Enjoy!
To access the PDF of the study questions with a complete transcript of the video click on the logo here.
Shabbat Bible Study

Teaching series: The Voice of the Prophets

Our Shabbat Services videos contain the group discussion session from the service held on Saturdays at 1:00 pm ET. We gather to review and study the teaching material presented at the previous midweek teaching. Live participation is by invitation only. If you are interested in participating in our Shabbat Bible study, please contact us via email at dan@moedministries.com
The discussion questions for this Shabbat service are available by clicking on the Moed Ministries logo here
Featured Book - Babylon Rising

Is Babylon merely a symbolic representation of the conspicuous consumption for the United States or perhaps the “World System” based on capitalism? In the Book of Revelation, was John speaking in purely spiritual terms, or is this Babylon a physical kingdom just like the ancient kingdom of Daniel’s day? What do all the other kingdoms mentioned in Daniel, Revelation, and by other prophets tell us about the end times? What is going to happen when the LORD returns? We all want to know what the future holds. As believers, we gravitate to biblical prophecy to find the answers to these questions frequently trying to impose our present day situation, leader, and nations on the biblical descriptions. But what is the biblical approach to prophecy? What is the purpose of biblical prophecy? Is it to foretell the future in explicit detail, or is it to point us to signs and markers, guiding us on our pathway through our walk and new life in Yeshua? More importantly, does it call us to repent and return to God, or is it a convenient vehicle to explain what is going on in the world and then just forget? Also, do we look at biblical prophecy from our modern Western mindset, or do we strive to understand it in its historic and cultural context, reflected in the time it was written? These are the major questions that we will strive to answer as we look at Babylon from a biblical perspective.
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